About MLSS

Introduction to MLSS

The Medicolegal Society of Singapore was set up in 1974 as a forum for medical and legal professionals to discuss and exchange ideas on matters of common interest. With a diverse membership base comprising doctors, nurses, forensic scientists, allied health practitioners and lawyers, the society regularly hosts scholarly talks on medicolegal issues.


To promote medico-legal knowledge in all its aspects.
To sustain and foster interdisciplinary cooperation between medical and legal professions in the administration of justice.
To conduct talks and teaching seminars from time to time in the continuing education of legal medicine and related matters.
To liaise with other national bodies in legal medicine and forensic sciences for the advancement of medico-legal knowledge.
To publish the proceedings of the Society and other materials relating to legal medicine.
To assist other national medico-legal bodies in the organisation of international and regional conferences in legal medicine and related matters.
To maintain and promote high standards of medico-legal practice in Singapore.